Donkeys for Sale

Donkeys for sale



Here is part of our herd. It consists of adult jennets whose height ranges from 65.50 to 78 cm.

These small wonders are bred by Petit-Garçon 73 cm or  Dexter 72 cm and Trésor soon who will be below 70 cm in adulthood.

Our jacks for sale

Our jennets for sale

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Only a few baby donkeys are sold from one year to another to ensure the quality and the rest of the mothers between 2 pregnancies. You should know that a cycle can last 2 years including gestation, weaning and rest.

The top quality is obtained at this price and only one booking can guarantee the purchase of one of our baby donkey out of the ordinary. From the birth of one of them you can see grow up farming until the age of 6 months where you will be given, well educated and of course health. It will be recorded in the American stud book and the  Haras of Pompadour.